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Class of 1969 Discussions

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What's Oberlin like in its 186th year?
3 Sexual Misconduct Policies
05/08/20 10:12 AM by Tom Thomas
We were for civil rights and against the war; what's happening today?
2 Hate Speech
02/11/22 06:06 AM by Tom Thomas
AAPR comments from Walt Galloway, Les Leopold, Matt Rinaldi, others
4 Endowment Decisions
11/14/22 11:46 AM by Tom Thomas
Threads for all to join in
3 RE: Let's Exchange Dance Club Memories
05/09/19 01:16 PM by Eve Goldberg Tal
Interesting anecdotes from the Sixties or more recent times
2 RE: We were at Woodstock, right?
05/20/21 12:33 AM by Paul Charbonnet
Many of us have not retired yet, for economic or other reasons
1 Cannot retire yet ; getting tired
02/28/19 07:34 PM by Wendy Forbush
Many of us are retired; can we continue making an impact on the world?
2 Madame Curie the Musical
10/01/20 11:11 AM by David Kurkowski
Can "blues" and "reds" find common ground?
1 John Frederick Oberlin's Counsel
10/01/18 10:57 AM by Tom Thomas
The right mistrusts reality (news media, science, history, education)
1 Do the less-educated deplore Obies as "elites"?
10/01/18 10:15 AM by Tom Thomas
What we learned in class, on campus, and in the half-century since
0 None
What do you want to do? Which classmates do you want to see?
4 RE: Ground Transportation
05/21/19 06:50 AM by Elizabeth 'Biz' Glenn Harralson
Questions about the schedule of events? Ideas for workshops?
2 RE: Queries
03/22/19 08:55 AM by Eve Goldberg Tal
What are the agendas? What topics should we discuss?
4 RE: The Women’s Breakfast: What is it? What the plans are to date?
03/29/19 08:32 PM by Wendy Forbush