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06/17/18 05:15 PM #1    

Paul Safyan

Welcome to the Oberlin College & Conservatory Class of 1969 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/15/24 10:08 AM #2    


John Field

Rhiannon Giddens, Obie '2000, produced this searing, 5 minute video:


The 22 men in the video were collectively robbed of 500 years of their lives. And 22-year-old Kalief Browder was driven to suicide. The prison system is not "broken"; it's a perfectly oiled machine for corporate jail companies to make billions of $$, while kidnapping mostly Black and Brown people from society. Please share widely and listen to Rhiannon talk about this video here: https://www.democracynow.org/.../banjo_maestro_rhiannon...

03/16/24 07:47 AM #3    

Jack Albert

Very powerful.   Thanks for posting the video.

03/16/24 12:07 PM #4    

Bonnie Wishne

Wow.  Thanks, John.


03/16/24 01:33 PM #5    


Thomas Clark

Takes valuing one's freedom to a whole new level.  Thanks for posting, John, and vote in 2024.

03/16/24 01:39 PM #6    

Oswald Lewis

Artistically strong, sociologically painful!

03/16/24 01:58 PM #7    


Noel Evans

Beautiful piece of work by Rhiannon Giddens  Thanks, John.


03/16/24 04:35 PM #8    

Alice Slutsker (Lawrence)

Thank you, John, for posting.  This is terribly moving. Love Rhiannon Giddens. 

03/16/24 10:02 PM #9    

Robert Goertz

Thank you

03/17/24 11:16 AM #10    


George Spencer-Green

I saw her in concert last night at the Beacon Theater in New York. Well worth watching if you have the opportunity.

03/17/24 12:07 PM #11    

Tom Witheridge

I've heard of Beyoncé and her rejection by some country music fans, but never of Rhiannon. Thanks for the introduction, John!

03/17/24 12:14 PM #12    

Kerry Friedman (Rosen)

Been following Rhiannon and her music for years - her former group the Chocolate Drops, her opera Omar, etc. Thanks for posting this.

03/17/24 02:00 PM #13    


William Roberts

That is awesome and so is She.  Thanks for posting 

03/17/24 08:09 PM #14    


Thomas Clark

Just finished watching a "60 Minutes" segment in which victims and exonorees are brought together in healing sessions.  This dovetails nicely into the emotions expressed in Rhiannon's powerful work.

03/18/24 02:24 PM #15    

Dan Campbell

Very moving, especially in conjunction with recent 60 Minutes documentary on exonerations and their impacts on "victims", accused, families and perps still on the loose. She's great. The Plum Creek Boys equivalent of our era, but all the way to Paul Simon tribute.

03/19/24 01:28 PM #16    


David Kurkowski

I too found this very moving, especially since I live in Pennsylvania.  You might derive a modicum of satisfaction from this news, reported this morning in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Prosecutors will not seek a new trial for C.J. Rice, a South Philadelphia man whose 2013 conviction on four counts of attempted murder was overturned last year, they told a judge during a minutes-long hearing Monday.

There was no contention between the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office and Rice’s defense team when prosecutors said at the Common Pleas Court hearing that they would not continue to prosecute Rice, essentially exonerating him.

The decision brings Rice’s case, which had resulted in a 30- to 60-year prison sentence, to a close, 12 years after he was incarcerated, most recently at State Correctional Institution Chester in Delaware County. A federal court ordered in November that Rice, who petitioned that his conviction was unlawful, be released from custody or retried within 180 days.

The case garnered national attention when CNN anchor Jake Tapper, a Philadelphia native, wrote an article in The Atlantic in November 2022 and called Rice’s initial defense “dangerously incompetent.”

This is just a portion of the article.  The Rhiannon song was very moving.  She's a great singer and songwriter.  Peace, Dave





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