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Additional Resources

If you can't find a classmate under either  Classmate Profiles  or  Losses in the Family , there are other possibilities.

The Wisr application now hosts the alumni online directory.  Visit https://oberlin.wisr.io and from the dashboard, click on Members.

You may find some there who, although they began as freshmen with us in the Class of 1969, graduated in a different year.  We know of at least five who were awarded their B.A. degrees in 1968, six in 1970, and four in 1971.  Those who received their diplomas in 1970, for example, are now officially members of the Class of 1970, and they'll have to wait until 2020 for their 50th reunion — unless someone invites them as a guest to ours!

Despite its best efforts to stay in touch, the Alumni Association no longer has addresses for some members of our class.  You can find a document naming 90 of them them by going to https://www.oberlin.edu/alumni-association/classes/1969 and clicking on  Class List Documents , then on Class of 1969 Lost List.   We believe we've located ten of these folks recently, but if you know how to get in touch with any of them, please contact the Alumni Office. 

Then there are 27 additional classmates who have requested the College not to be contacted any further.  We've honored their wishes, and their names are not distributed on any of our lists.