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Paul Charbonnet

Profile Updated: May 20, 2021
Paul Charbonnet
Paul Charbonnet


Paul Charbonnet


Paul Charbonnet


Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In
Weaverville, NC USA
Data provider for Money Managers and wealthy individuals
Paul, Daniel, Camille. In 2021 ages 35,36,37 (not blended to twins), Two grandaughters
Military Service
Oberlin Major



Got involved working on Oberlin's computer (not academic). Fascinated. I visited Univ of Akron during Thanksgiving break 1968. They had the same computer. They hired me to operate their computer. I transferred to Akron and graduated there in 1969. Jobs:All computers since then. Selling them. Programming them. had two big software hits, Blast and FastTrack sold worldwide. Still working with FastTrack customers after 30-years in business.

School Story

For me, academics came after. Yacht Club, Ice Boats, Computers, football, upperclassmen educating the underclassmen (I still know NOTHING about women after 43 years of marriage), My High School Football coach Miller knew Oberlin's Football Coach Grice. Miller also was the choir director (the only guy who could get people to work together). I got expedited into Oberlin to play football with the condition that I would take two music classes each year. Directing class was appealing. Graduating back to Louisiana, I joined a church choir and directed the Resurrection Choir (funerals) for 10-years. The choir fulfilled my need for team sports. Each member has a part, timing is critical, and if you don't have confidence in leadership, chaos ensues. COVID, age, and voice problems have closed doors. Joining this Class-of-69 page is a search for a new direction. I live now in the Great Smokeys, The mountains are calling, and I must go, and I will work on while I can.

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One thing is am sure of, none of us as '65 freshmen knew what we would be doing four years later. Even after graduation, very few of us had any idea of where we would be working in '73. Women? Children? Well, that just kinda happened. Grandkids are better. I've been married to the same beautiful woman for 44 years, and still don't get understand why she picked me. Am I successful? I have two sons who are excellent fathers and have their own successful businesses. I have a beautiful daughter, a savvy, executive in a big company, and I find her wonderful despite the fact that she's never taken any advice I've given her. Congrats to you, Michael. Your life sounds perfectly normal.

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