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In Memory

Carolyn Greig

Carolyn Greig majored in mathematics at Oberlin, then received an M.A. in education from Michigan and an MBA from Cornell.  For 36 years she worked as a financial analyst at IBM and also played occasionally at the First Presbyterian Church in Katonah, New York (northern Westchester County).  She died two days after Thanksgiving 2010 at age 63, survived by two sons, her mother, and two brothers and a sister.


Carolyn was one of my best friends during my Oberlin years. We met during freshman year. I was a dishwasher and I believe she was a waitress. She studied both French and math, and was very bright. To be honest, we tried being a couple, but it didn't work out very well. We were better just being close friends.

For several years, Carolyn and I both worked at the Oberlin Inn as waiters. She played excellent piano and after some meals we would entertain guests (at private parties) with Broadway songs. I still don't know why I could sing because the truth is I was pretty awful. But the guests seemed to like it, and we actually made a few bucks in tips.

During our last few weeks at Oberlin, Carolyn and I would walk around campus reminiscing and stopping in to say goodbye to some of our favorite professors. Our paths never crossed again. I lived in Philadelphia, she in New York State. I was looking forward to meeting up again at the reunion, and was so sad to learn that she had died in 2010. Peace, Carolyn.  (Submitted by David Kurkowski)