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In Memory

Jane Arvin (Reynard)

Jane Arvin Reynard passed away on April 29, 2016.

According our yearbooks, Jane came to Oberlin from Carbondale, Illinois, her freshman dorm was Dascomb, and she went on to major in psychology.  According to Oberlin’s Tappan Network, however, her degree was in art history.  The Network tells us that later in life she worked as a systems engineer for Professional Support, Inc., in the Buffalo area.


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04/16/19 09:24 AM #1    

Willard Moseley

For our first two years at Oberlin, Jane and I were a couple. Jane was full of life with a wonderful laugh and smile. Her greatest joy was Old French, in particular, La Chanson de Roland. Her eyes would light up and glow as she shared her insights about it with me. When she wrote a paper on Roland, she got a B as the professor accused her of plagiarism because she couldn’t have written anything that good. He would have flunked her if he could just find the source … After that Jane changed, Oberlin was not a happy place for her. She tried psychology and then settled on art history, but the excitement was gone from her scholarship. 


After graduation, I would call Jane every so often, and saw her a several of times in  the early 70s as she was doing her master in art history at the University of Missouri as couple of hours away St. Louis. I remember the last time I saw her as we had dinner with my parents and brothers at a Chinese restaurant. Within a couple of years we were both married and lost touch.


From her obituary I can tell she had a full life as a faculty wife and mother. And the smile on the picture is the way I remember her, happy and full of grace.


I was hoping to see her at the 50th, although I know it wasn’t her kind of thing. I will be thinking about her when we sing the Requiem, full of joy as try to sing her smile.

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